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Sina Hosseini
2 min readAug 31, 2022

A list of the few pieces I wrote, before joining Medium.

(Screenshot courtesy of LongplayArchive YouTube channel)

Looking Back at the First Burnout

How different is the first Burnout, aka B01, compared to the whole series? This is what this article is about! My first piece on FECG!

Assault Retribution Review

Wanna play a true Contra in a 3D world? Assault Retribution is your only choice, at least as a non-Contra game! An underrated gem that nobody talks about!

(Original artwork by Julie Bell)

MKM Bootlegs vs Original

What’s the difference between Mortal Kombat Mythologies Sub-Zero and its bootlegs? The answer is in the article! You can also check out the part (at the bottom of the article), in which I included a comparison between the similar scenes of both the original game, and the bootlegs!

Important Lessons You Should Learn From Gunstar Heroes

Who remembers the Dice Palace level of Gunstar Heroes? There are too many lessons there, to help expand your experimental gaming ideas!

(Screenshot courtesy of SonicRetro)

The Reasons You Should Play Sonic CD

Still have no plan to play this gem? Change your mindset! Period!

Shadow of the Colossus Time Attack Analysis

What is it like to experience the time attack mode of Shadow of the Colossus? For those who’s never entered this hell, here’s an analysis!



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